Super monsters, super nice car, super hot guys. That's Supernatural (filmed in Vancouver) and what more could you ask for? The CW's hit show about evil-hunting brothers has been hot and non-stop since 2005...12 years strong and I'm still loving it. I discovered Supernatural in 8th grade courtesy of my bestie, Meg, who had season … Continue reading Supernatural


“I’m in Love with” Ed Sheeran’s New Hits

America's favorite ginger-heartthrob is back with the smash hits and they're hotter than ever! If you have not heard Ed Sheeran's new releases, "Shape of You" and "Castle on the Hill," crawl out from under that rock you call "home" and get to listening. I have been jamming these ballads for a few weeks now … Continue reading “I’m in Love with” Ed Sheeran’s New Hits