Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Premiered October 12, 2015 on the CW

My mom kept telling me to watch this show.  At one point last year I finally gave in, but realized I would have to pay to start from the beginning, so I let it go.  Then one day when I was browsing Netflix I saw it there, Season 1 of My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, & I decided it was time to give it a try.

This show is so good!  I love just about every part of it.  It’s quirky & fun and there is lots of singing and dancing! Within two weeks I had watched the entire first season & I want to watch it again. One of things I love is how the songs from the show get stuck in my head. my personal favorite is the, “Sexy Getting Ready Song” & I knew Sarah would love the boy band sequence. It even won an Emmy for Outstanding Choreography & a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a TV Series Musical or Comedy.

It stars Rebecca Bunch (Rebecca Bloom), a successful lawyer from New York, who has a chance encounter with her high school summer camp boyfriend & decides to follow him to West Covina, CA.  She is crazy & awkward, but instead of finding it annoying I found it endearing because she is just exhibiting magnified versions of insecurities that many of us have – wondering if the boy likes you, worrying if anyone will show up to your party.    Also, for as campy as the show is, it also touches on real truth & takes on issues that you would think are much bigger than this comedy, but they are handled beautifully.  I especially appreciate the story line in the second season that deals with working women and the expectations that we have to live up to and the difficult decisions we make.

I had never heard of Rebecca Bloom before and had no idea how prolific this woman was until I started doing my crazy web stalker thing and decided to research her entire life (which, by the way, Rebecca Bunch would totally do) and realized she has put out numerous comedy music videos, like the Historically Accurate Disney Princess Song, which has over a million views I am so happy the CW was smart enough to give Rebecca and this show a chance.  Both Sarah and I are Really Into This show.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Website     Season One of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend     Soundtrack-Season One


8 thoughts on “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

  1. mchi | mchiouji says:

    I vaguely remember hearing a bit about this show, but never got around to properly checking it out. Haven’t really heard much about it since I first heard about it, but seeing this good review-ish post on it make me want to give it a chance.

    I’m adding it to my list of things to give a gander to.

    mchi | mchiouji —

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  2. Lisa says:

    LOVE this show. I started it last year and somehow didn’t end up keeping up — then went back and binged all of season 1 right before season 2. The Sexy Getting Ready song is amazing. I love how the show and the songs are so funny, but have so many painful truths as well. I really loved the Friendtopia song from a couple of weeks ago, and Love Kernels from the season 2 opener. Now I have to go check the link you provided so I can web stalk Rachel Bloom too!

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