The Crown

Released November 4, 2016 on Netflix

I know I am Really Into a show when I forsake my precious sleep for it, & The Crown on Netflix is definitely a show I am Really Into. I’ve had multiple friends tell me it is amazing, but it’s a hard show to watch when I’ve got 2 small children running around. My binge goal for Christmas was The Crown & WOW! I’m enamored.

The show is originally based on a play, “The Audience” & it’s devoted to the early years of Queen Elizabeth’s reign. According to Vanity Fair, the show cost over $100 million dollars to create, making it Netflix’s most expensive thus far. It’s shot so incredibly well. The English countryside, the homes, the artwork stacked high on the walls & the fashion. I’ve know several folks who said they mainly watched Downton Abbey for the fashion & I’m sure they would feel the same way about The Crown.

First off, Matt Smith (of Doctor Who fame) looks just like Prince Philip, right? I mean, it’s nuts. His character is one of my favorite parts of the show. I’ve always thought the Prince was a fun, supportive old chap & the show paints him in a similar fashion thus far.

It’s really nice to get a different look at Queen Elizabeth. I cannot imagine being a young mother & having the throne thrust upon my family. What an incredible responsibility & commitment to be made at a young age. Claire Foy is perfectly cast as Elizabeth & her ability to portray this version of Elizabeth we’ve rarely seen is spot on. The scene where her grandmother explains there are now 2 Elizabeths &the crown must always win is breathtaking.

Now all I want to do is read more about the royal family. I don’t mean I want to read tabloids, but I want to read more about this time in Elizabeth’s life & this time in England. My husband heard good things about this book, Hero of the Empire: The Boer War, a Daring Escape, and the Making of Winston Churchill. Has anyone read it or know any good books based around this time in England’s history?

Speaking of Winston Churchill, how could I forget he is played by John Lithgow. Of course, he does a phenomenal job, as he’s one of the best actors ever. I still have nightmares from his role on Dexter.

Thank you friends, for this incredible recommendation of The Crown. I even love the soundtrack- it’s beautifully composed, haunting & relaxing. I’m so completely in love with  this song from the “Act of God” episode. I can’t stop listening to it.

This show is thrilling, smart, captivating & so addictive. What other shows are you Really Into right now?

The Crown Soundtrack


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