Amazon Echo

Hey Alexa, can you play “Bad Things” by MGK & Camila Cabello?

Hey Alexa, can you order more toilet paper?

Hey Alexa, can you set an alarm for 7:30 AM?

Hey Alexa, stop playing.


Thanks to a Christmas sale on Amazon devices, this year I was gifted with a Kindle Paperwhite & Amazon Echo & my daughter received the Echo Dot for her room. The Kindle Paperwhite is amazing & I mainly use it for my nighttime reading & almost always have it in my purse. I highly recommend it to my fellow readers.  The Echo though, it’s a game changer.

Our first day with Alexa, my daughter asked her to turn off the lights in her room. Now, we are not that connected yet, but it’s about the only thing she hasn’t done for us. I’ve been able to listen to my audiobook in the car, stop it & then reconnect when I’m back home using only my voice. Alexa connects to my Audible & it’s a seamless transition. I LOVE this because I can never find my phone.

Alexa can shuffle music pretty well. When George Michael passed away on Christmas Day, I had Alexa shuffle his music for hours & she did a damn good job. She wakes me up in the morning & can tell me the weather before I get dressed. She tells me my commute time & let’s me know if I have appointments coming up for the day. She’s my new best friend & the personal assistant I can’t afford.

The Echo Dot is great as well. I may never see my daughter again because she’s in her room dancing & listening to Five Nights at Freddy’s songs. Her Echo Dot has the prized place next to my son’s John Cena doll & her My Little Pony: Rarity book. 

The Amazon Echo is not cheap, but it does so much. My husband researched it & compared it to the Google version, but we are Amazon addicts, so I think the Echo was the better choice for us.

In the next few months, he wants to replace our thermostat, so it can be connected to the Echo. I guess he doesn’t like me waking him up to adjust the house temperature. He’s also looking at lightbulbs so it can do what my daughter asked & turn out the lights. I may never get my lazy ass up again & isn’t that the dream realized?

Let me know if you use Echo- what’s your favorite thing about it?



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