White Russian Cake 

Recipe featured in King Arthur Flour’s holiday issue of Sift magazine.

If I was competing on The Great American Baking Show, this 3 layer White Russian Cake would be my Showstopper & I hope Mary Berry would be proud. I know it would make my boyfriend, Paul Hollywood, proud because it’s moist & chock full of complex flavors.


This cake certainly requires some commitment. It took up a large portion of my Saturday night & most of my Sunday morning, but it was totally worth it. I’m enjoying my last piece as I write this post.

You, dear reader, can imagine the horror when one of my perfectly risen cakes slipped out of the pan & fell onthe oven door. I almost LOST MY MIND! After a mild panic attack, I slid it back into the pan with a large spatula & pressed it down to try to heal the cracks. Then, I had a cocktail to ease the pain of my cake’s uncertain future.

After the cakes cooled overnight, I made my Kahlua soak & I became terrified that all my hard work was in vain & the cracked layer would fall apart when I went to assemble the cake. So guess what I did? I called King Arthur Flour’s Baking Hotline at 1-855-371-BAKE. I spoke to Marie & we concocted a plan. The plan was to cool the cracked layer in the fridge & likely the Kahlua soak, which was almost a simple syrup, would help hold it together. She agreed I should place the cracked layer on the top, so if something crazy went down, at least the bottom 2 layers could be salvaged. I also freaked out when I realized I was out of the meringue powder I needed for the frosting. We decided I would make a basic buttercream instead & I thanked her for her help. And you know what?

The cake was amazing!


The main reason I am Really Into King Arthur recipes is that they work. I’ve made countless muffins, cookies, cakes, rolls, breads & even a tomato crumble & they’ve all made my family happy. As I told Jessica, baking for my family absolves me of a multitude of sins. And this satisfying & stunning White Russian cake was a huge hit.

Jessica & I are both Really Into baking, so we are planning to make ALL FIVE of these cocktail cakes. Stay tuned-a delightful sugar rush awaits.


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