Murder, She Baked: Hannah Swenson Mysteries

Lord have mercy, I am turning in to my mother. I cannot believe I am watching these movies, but the truth is that I’m Really Into them.


One year in college, I was addicted to James Patterson novels. I was so Into them that I read nothing but Alex Cross & Women’s Murder Club series. Then it just got old, too dark, too grim & just bummed me out. So when I came across Joanne Fluke’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder, I snatched it up. I read it in one day & fell in love with these well written mysteries filled with lovable characters as well as some pretty awesome baking recipes. I went on to read Strawberry Shortcake MurderBlueberry Muffin Murder & many others.


Now I was 20 at the time, but I so easily connected with the residents of Eden Lake, MN. Hannah Swenson is a bakery owner & lives alone with her cat, Moishe. No worries though, she’s got two men chasing after her; Mike the cop & Norman the dentist. She drink loads of coffee, plows through the snow to find clues & bakes delicious confections as well.

Well, guess what friends? She has her own movie series on Hallmark starring none other than Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady from Days of Our Lives & the host of The Biggest Loser). I love the chemistry between Mike & Hannah in these films-it’s undeniable, but Norman is so sweet. I love the awkward scenes which feature the three of them. Hannah & her sister Andrea along with their mother are a fine trio of ladies. I wasn’t initially sold on Alison as Hannah because she’s not at all who I envisioned when reading the books, but she nails it. I am Really Into these movies.

I recorded all 4 of them the other day & just burned through them. They are sweet, heartfelt, wholesome & a great mystery without too much violence. My daughter even enjoys them. Watching these movies really makes me want to revisit my love of this series. I think the Murder She Baked: A Peach Cobbler Mystery was my favorite.

Next up, binge watching The Garage Sale Mystery series with Lori Loughlin. I swear, that woman NEVER ages. What guilty TV pleasures are you Really Into?


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