Instant Pot

I am Really, Really Into the Instant Pot.

I first heard about the Instant Pot from my mom.  She kept talking about this new appliance that she was making her steel cut oats in and also using as a slow cooker.  I started looking into it, and it seemed like something that was too good to be true.  Every article I read felt like an advertisement – none of them seemed real!  I found out that a good friend of mine got one over a year ago (and she didn’t even tell me about it!) and she loved it so much that she bought one for her mom.  Although I had so many glowing reviews, I was having a hard time committing to yet another appliance in my kitchen.  Where would I even put this thing??  And then one day, just after Thanksgiving, an Instant Pot arrived on my front porch, courtesy of my mom and an Amazon Black Friday deal.

If you don’t already know, the Instant Pot is a 7 in 1 cooker – pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, warmer, saute-er and steamer. It has a digital display with many different pre-programmed functions to help you get your meal ready.

Well my friends, believe the hype.  This thing is really is worth the counter space.  I first used it as a rice cooker and it worked perfectly.  Then I used it to cook some butternut squash when I was in a rush to make dinner one night.  The squash cooked in 8 minutes!!  The next night I had frozen chicken that I needed to cook.  I put in a couple of breasts, some broth, soy sauce, hoison, garlic, sesame oil and sriracha.  The chicken was cooked in less than 20 minutes.  If I wasn’t adding the chicken to some homemade ramen (recipe coming soon!), I could have just reduced the sauce right there in the pot and had a main course ready to go, which is what I did the very next week.

I keep finding more and more reasons to use this appliance, and I have officially packed away my slow cooker.  One thing I realized a couple of weeks in was that it was really helpful to read the manual (something I never do) – there are just so many functions you could be missing out on!  There are also quite a few websites that have popped up dedicated to Instant Pot recipes, and I cannot wait use some of the prepped freezer recipes on Once A Month Meals so that I always have dinner ready to go.

I am Really Into the Instant Pot and I know that I will keep discovering new uses and recipes for it, but don’t count on me making homemade yogurt anytime soon!

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