Oscars 2017!

They are finally here! I am Really Into the Oscars and I am always excited for the day the nominations come out. Several years ago Mark and I decided on a whim to watch every movie nominated for best picture – and of course it was the first year they picked more than five movies. We watched some fabulous movies, and I had the bright idea to make a dish themed on every one. And because I was making so much food we invited friends over. And then the Hurt Locker won and we all did Irish Car bombs and that is how
my annual Oscar party was born. The last year I was in Texas I did it up big. I was reminiscing earlier today…


We haven’t thrown the party since we moved to California, but we still watch all the movies. This year, in honor of parties past, I will come up with my menu, and possibly make one of my favorite themed dishes. Or at least have a popcorn bar! I have a lot of movies to watch…


I always keep an eye on the nominations through IndieWire, and this year they were dead on!

In case you haven’t heard, the nominees for Best Picture are:

Hell or High Water
La La Land
Hidden Figures
Hacksaw Ridge
Manchester By The Sea

I wish I had time to watch everything nominated, but there is too much!  Find the complete list of nominees here.

Were you Really Into any of movies that were nominated this year? Will you be watching next month??


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