Neutrogena Acne Light Therapy Mask

I have never had great skin.  In fact, I think my skin was better in high school than as an adult.  It’s not that I have severe acne, it’s just that I never have a totally clear face.  When I saw Lena Dunham’s Instagram post with her Neutrogena Acne Light Therapy Mask, I immediately did some research and learned some interesting things about the blue and red light treatments.

This thing looks crazy!  Turns out that light therapy has been used for a long time, but mostly in dermatologist’s offices.  I was really excited to see that for $35 I could do it at home.  I buy from Amazon a lot, so naturally that is where I went for this product, and it was back ordered!  Apparently I was not the only one looking for cheap, at home skin care.  It finally came in last week and I took a before photo for you.


Please don’t be alarmed!  It’s just an honest look at a clean faced 33 year old woman.

I was so excited to use this mask.  I actually got into bed, put it on, and then turned to Mark.  I scared the bejesus out of him!  I look like Jason before the light comes on!


It would scare you too!

By the way, this mask is bright!  I just lie back, keep my eyes closed, and wear it for the ten timed minutes that it provides.  It has actually become a welcome part of my nightly routine as it provides me quiet time to wind down.  Also, because of the lights, the mask is warm on your face and I am Really Into that.

The mask comes in two parts; the mask itself and the activator.  The activator powers the mask 30 times and then you have to order a new one.  This is the one thing about this mask that I am Not Really Into because it feels awfully wasteful and it definitely ups the $35 original price tag significantly with continued use.

Here is my face after one week of nightly usage:


I am not sure how much improvement there has been, but I am still enjoying it and will definitely continue to use it until the end of the month and I expect longer.  I may even look into some more expensive masks that don’t require the monthly repurchase of an activator because I think over time it will save me money.

It’s safe to say that I am Really Into Light Therapy, and the Neutrogena Light Therapy mask was a great introduction.

Buy the mask here.


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