“I’m in Love with” Ed Sheeran’s New Hits

America’s favorite ginger-heartthrob is back with the smash hits and they’re hotter than ever! If you have not heard Ed Sheeran’s new releases, “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill,” crawl out from under that rock you call “home” and get to listening. I have been jamming these ballads for a few weeks now and I cannot wait for the whole album to release.

“Shape of You” is SO HOT that you’re going to bust a sweat before Ed reaches the chorus. It’s all about meeting that hottie on a night out with an irresistible bod, and counting the minutes until you can get them home, but in the most classy way possible because that’s how Ed rolls. This tune reminds me of “Sing” and “Don’t” with its exotic beat and sexy lyrics, but the sexiness is a little more subtle. It is so smooth that peanut butter bows down to it. I literally listen to this song everyday and feel like the hottest little slice on the planet afterwards. Thank you Ed, thank you.

I’ve never really heard a song where Ed Sheeran talks about who HE is and where he came from; “Castle on the Hill” answered my questions (and prayers). In this track, he paints a picture of where he grew up and tells about his family, his friends, and even what sounds to be like a first love. He sings about how things have changed, how his friends are doing now, but mostly how he misses home. When I listen to this song, I see rolling, green hills and of course a beautiful, abandoned castle, and I think of how amazing it must’ve been to grow up in a place like that. It also made me reflect on my home, where I’ve been and where I’m going in life. This song will get you in your feels but also make you feel a sense of peace. Give it a good listen; you won’t be disappointed.

The full album entitled, “Divide,” comes out on March 3, 2017. I can’t wait for more sexy, crooner, and reflective, feel-good songs! MARK YOUR CALENDARS!



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