Ultimate Mac & Cheese

Recipe found at Chowhound I've been Really Into Mac & Cheese since I can remember. Seriously, I received a bulk package of Velveeta shells for a birthday gift one year- SCORE! As a kid, I could not STAND baked macaroni & cheese. I remember at a church luncheon I took a HUGE plate of mac … Continue reading Ultimate Mac & Cheese


Instant Pot

I am Really, Really Into the Instant Pot. I first heard about the Instant Pot from my mom.  She kept talking about this new appliance that she was making her steel cut oats in and also using as a slow cooker.  I started looking into it, and it seemed like something that was too good … Continue reading Instant Pot

Blue Apron

When I first was looking at meal delivery, I was in a dinner rut.  I work late sometimes and I can get lazy about meal time.  There were too many times I skipped my weekend grocery run, ordered pizza or picked up takeout.  We needed real sustenance. There seem to be a thousand meal delivery … Continue reading Blue Apron