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Sarah Slusher

Hello, friends! I’m excited you’re here. I’m a Texas girl living in Portland, OR. I’m a momma, wife, baker, reader & smart ass. My love for doughnuts is worldwide & I’ve completed hundreds of marathons, of the TV variety. I’m a total library hound, a lifelong lover of George Michael, a former video store clerk, pop culture junkie & I love nothing more than sweatpants, pizza & a cuddly space. I’ve also got an insatiable appetite for slumber parties.




Jessica Bierman

Hi Everyone!  Thank you for visiting our space.  I am a Texan living in California with my boyfriend Mark, my best pup Ziggy, and my cat Marilyn.  I love reading, cooking, binge watching great tv shows and staying up too late talking to my friends.  I am so excited to share what I am Really Into!




Bailey Gilbeaux

Cheerio ole chaps! I’m an almost-23-year-old grad student at Texas State University pursuing my MA in Mass Communication. I’m a cousin to that donut-loving goober in the site’s profile pic and proud of it! I’m a retired dancer and an aspiring broadcast journalist who would love to work for CNN London (I’m a Brit at heart). I love talking to anyone who listens, or won’t listen, and reliving my dance days in my kitchen. Chicken nuggets are a crucial part of my diet as well as Moscato, and I’m a pro at making a good bowl of cereal (wife me up boyz). In my downtime, I enjoy napping with my rescue Pitbull, Cowboy, binge-watching CSI: Miami, and trying to figure out why I’m single as a pringle. Sunday’s are reserved for my Dallas Cowboys and research papers so do not disturb, ya heard? I hope you enjoy my blog posts because I enjoyed writing them! Happy reading sexy beasts 😎

Laxmi Vish
Hello there, so glad you are here! I am a mom, wife, engineer and a huge foodie! My passion is to try out different types of cuisines from around the world and then try to create them at home.  I am a geek at heart, which drives me to research the recipes, tools, ingredients until I can find the perfect creation. I am so excited to share my recipes with you on this blog. I’m also total a travel junkie, I’m usually off to a new place at every chance I get. Finally, my perfect Friday night would involve binge watching a good TV show on Netflix indulging in perfectly created warm dark chocolate lava cake topped with a big scoop of vanilla bean gelato.